About: Our Staff

Sabrina - Daughter
Sabrina is a Sophomore in high school and helps out on weekends. She loves animals, and because of her love for animals she has been a vegetarian for 8 years. She hopes to become a police officer.

Angelica – Sister
Angelica is a wife and mother of four kids two boys and two girls Yasmin, Osbaldo, Angel, and Nayeli . She spends her free time at soccer with her kids. She also loves to watch her kids play with their new puppy, Paco, which by the way is our dog's puppy! Even our pets are family.

Luis - Brother
Luis works full time at a body shop as a painter. Luis is a husband and Father of two, Valeria and Luixander. He is hard working and very proud to be a part of Cocina Medina.

Ricardo - Brother
Ricardo is the baby of the family - the last of nine siblings. He is currently enrolled at LMC taking classes in business.

Miguel - Cousin
Miguel has his own carpet cleaning business: United Carpet Care (925)325-3419 http://www.unitedcarpetcare.com. Miguel is a loving husband and father to four girls: Joanna (who is our Goddaughter), Briana, Diana, and Juliana. Miguel is very busy but still finds time to help out.

Noe - Brother In-Law
Husband to sister Elizabeth and proud dad to Bryan. Noe works as a busser and cook. Loves his Chivas (soccer team fom Mexico).

Bob - Family Friend
Bob has a lovely wife, Monica, who is a travel agent with Anywhere, Anytime Travel (925) 518-1084 TrvMonica@yahoo.com. They have a son, Jason. Bob is recently retired, so he spends a lot of time here with us. Let me list all the jobs Bob THINKS he does here at Cocina Medina: manager, part owner, bouncer, menu cleaner. Now let me tell you what he really does: NOTHING! Well maybe clean menus...LOL! Come in and ask him about his own Bar Stool.

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